Samin Ghorbani

Samin Ghorbani, an Iranian classical music singer born in 1336 in Tehran. She started
learning music with her father at the age of eight. In the continuation of his artistic path, she
learned sound composition and singing with Hossein Baharbin, Mahmoud Karimi with Ms.
Parisa, Taherzadeh style with Hamid Reza Nourbakhsh. She worked on analyzing the Iranian
music with Mir Saeed Hosseini Panah and learning to play the Sethar from Tooraj Zadpour,
Behdad Babaei and Shahabuddin Azinmehr were other activities she carried out to promote
her art. Samin Ghorbani has a history of working with musicians such as Nastar, Mojan,
Sayesar, Nariman, Ronak and Raf. During her professional career, she has given concerts in
Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Germany and Turkey. She has appeared
on the stage in major festivals and programs with the performance of Iranian classical music
and music of Iranian regions, especially Iranian-Azerbaijani music. She has been part of the
music projects of “Female Voice of Iran” in collaborations with Contemporary Opera Berlin.
Recently, some of her works have been published with the composition of Siamak Jahangiri,
and also one of the latest works with Master Hossein Alizadeh. She has collaborated in the
music project of the Cinema movie Atabay, directed by Nikki Karimi.

Auftritte in der Spielzeit 2022/2023:

Foto: Andreas Rochholl