Uygur Vural

Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist Uygur Vural was born in Antalya. He is currently working as a freelance instructor, cello performer, composer, technical/academic advisor and responsible for international art organizations in Berlin.

Uygur Vural majored in Music in Antalya Anatolian Fine Arts High School then studied Cello and Composition at İstanbul Bilgi University. In the year of 2010, he received his Master of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communication Design. During his studies, he was lucky enough to work with pioneers of Turkish Jazz/Modern Music scene. Ricky Ford, Donovan Mixon, Jeff MacAuley, Ali Perret, Can Kozlu, Kurşat And were among the names whom he worked with.

Since the beginning of his musical journey, Uygur Vural has been performing with many musicians from different musical genders, stages, and countries such as Ricky Ford, Jeff McAuley, Jürg Solothurnman, Korhan Erel, Axel Dorner, Elisabetta Lanfredini and many others. He is currently making a musical collaboration with Italian Singer/Improviser Elisabetta Lanfredini since April 2013. They are creating projects with a wide range of improvisation-based musical and conceptual repertory in a diversity of languages, from lullabies to Italian/Turkish political/traditional songs. This duo’s first project “Gezi Resistance on the Road” was performed for the first time in “Teatro Valle” Rome on July 2013.

Uygur has been working and researching about experimental performance techniques and non-classical (Classical Western Music) forms of cello, using them in his improvisation performances. His music interacts with many different musical styles such as Free Improvise, Classical Ottoman/Indian/Arabic and European Contemporary music, jazz etc. It is often possible to hear the influences from a very rich background of Anatolian musical and cultural richness through his music.

Besides his music career, Uygur Vural also worked as a Research Assistant (2007-2010) and Instructor (Audio, Contemporary Art) (2008-2011) at the Department of Film and Television at İstanbul Bilgi University.

Auftritte in der Spielzeit 2022/2023:

Foto: Oliver Ruhnke