Mahan Mirarab

Mahan Mirarab is an Iranian/Austrian guitarist, composer, arranger and music producer
based in Vienna and Berlin.

He has spent years learning about Persian traditional music as well as the indigenous sound
and cultures of the country such as Arabic, African, Turkish, Kurdish, etc., while refining his
skills in Jazz, western classic and popular music. Notably using fretless guitar, he specialises
in blending the microtonal systems with jazz and improvised music.

He is among some of the most innovative minds in Iran who has redefined music in their
culture despite the challenges facing musicians after the Iranian revolution. His work
throughout 21 years is creating a new generation of musicians, who are being inspired and
influenced by his guitar playing and compositions.

His dedication to expand his musical vocabulary brought him to Europe in 2009 where he
met and collaborated with numerous musicians from all over the world such as Anthony
Braxton, Erkan Ogur, Alain Perez, Hadar Noiberg, Johannes Berauer, Omar Klein, András
Dés, etc. His approach to composition and arrangement introduces a unique blend of
rhythms and harmonies that showcases his rich musical vocabulary as well as his depth of
knowledge in many different music styles. As a result, his compositions avoid so brilliantly
cliche and expands the understanding of how each style can be interpreted. Mirarab is
composing, arranging and performing in many jazz, experimental, acoustic/electronic, folk
and traditional projects as well as film, dance and theatre.

His aim is to introduce a new narrative through music in regards to middle eastern cultures
and jazz and in doing so he has succeeded to create his complex yet approachable style.
He represents a generation of young migrant musicians in Europe who are changing the
sound boarders in the music industry and are pushing for more diversity with respect to
quality, dialogue and creativity.

ALL ABOUT JAZZ: Songs like “Haj Ghorban” and “A Week of Moonlight” dazzle with
Mirarab’s enigmatic, transcendent guitar playing, fusing Middle Eastern textures with
traditional jazz rhythms.

JAZZ TIMES: “Persian Side of Jazz” enlightens listeners by revealing how widespread jazz’s
influence is.

JAZZ CORNER: “Persian Side of Jazz” is one of the year’s most unique and compelling
releases mainly because the stylistic blueprint of Mirarab’s compositions draw upon stylistic
influences, mainly Persian folk and world music, that are exotic to stateside ears.

Auftritte in der Spielzeit 2022/2023:

Foto: Georg Cizek-Graf