José Quevedo „Bolita“

He began playing at the age of 14 with teachers such as José Ángel Lupión, Manuel Lozano “El Carbonero” and José Luis Balao. At the age of 19, he moved to Madrid and began playing for dancers such as Joaquín Grilo, Manuela Carrasco, La Yerbabuena, Antonio Canales, Sara Baras, Rafael de Carmen, Belén Fernández, la Tati, Beatriz Martín, Javier Barón, Juan Ramírez … and for singers … El Indio Gitano, Ramón El Portugués, Esperanza Fernandez, El Pele, Arcángel, Miguel Poveda, Marina Heredia, Carmen Linares or Capullo de Jerez.

With his instrumental group UHF (Ultra High Flamenco), together with Paquito González, Alexis Lefevre and Pablo Martín Caminero, he released two albums: UHF (2007) and Bipolar (2011).

As a composer, guitarist and producer, he has worked in Argentina (2006), Las Minas de Egypt (2009), Un Viaje por el Cante (2012), Sinergia (2015) and La vida del Artista (2017) by Huelva-born singer Argentina, La voz del agua (2007), Marina (2010), A mi Tempo (2013), Capricho (2021) by Marina Heredia, Mis primeros Cantes (2011) by the young singer Kiko Peña, arteSano (2012), Real (2013) El tiempo pasa volando (2018) Diverso (2021) by singer Miguel Poveda, Denomination of Origin (2015) by David Palomar, Trazos (2018) by Almeria-born singer María José Pérez … Together with Pitingo, he produced the song “Bambino Picolino” which is part of the documentary about the figure of the legendary artist “Bambino” entitled “Something Wild”.

He composes and directs the music for the play “Lorca and passion, a sea of ​​dreams” for Marina Heredia, performed for 35 times at the Generalife in Granada and nominated for the Max Awards for the Performing Arts.

He is part of the show “Tempo de luz”, together with Carmen Linares, Marina Heredia and Arcángel, touring with it through Spain and the United States with recognized success.

It is worth highlighting the international collaborations with artists of the stature of Pável Núñez and Zeo Muñoz, both Dominican singer-songwriters.

He alternates his work as a producer and guitarist for other artists with his solo career where he shines with his record work Flows, chosen as the best flamenco album of the year 2013 by El País.

He has been awarded the best record producer in 2013 for “Un viaje por el cante” from Argentina, and in 2014 for “A mi tempo” by Marina Heredia. Second Prize in the International Flamenco Guitar Contest of the Peña “Los Cernícalos”. Three times nominated for the Latin Grammy for his participation in “Real” by Miguel Poveda (2013), “Un viaje por el cante” (2013) and “Sinergia” (2014) by the cantaora Argentina.

He is currently showing his most recent work; “Chaotic, Bolita Big Band” where he fuses flamenco compositions with the sound of a particular brass big band, premiered at Seville’s Bienal de Flamenco with great success among the public and specialized critics and awarded the Giraldillo for dialogue with other music.

Auftritte in der Spielzeit 2022/2023:

Foto: Félix Vázquez